Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. I am a bread hoarder - the truth is out. I could eat bread all day everyday especially homemade bread. My last batch did not turn out well, I need to muster up the confidence to try again. Any stellar recipes friends? 

2. You fell in love with this peekaboo fall tree. Wisconsin was right on the verge of making the fall transition last week and this guy made me chuckle. It's like only a few of his branches got the hint. 

3. This weekend was perfect in every single way. The weather rocked our worlds as we showed our guests, Greg and Laura, the ins and outs of Northwest Iowa. The two hours we spent wading through The Big Sioux River being adventurers proved not every square inch is filled with corn.

4. Oh hey little clammy clam. The glistening sun, chilled river water, and picture perfect clam shell created a token souvenir from our adventures until we became weary of pesticides and diseases. Oh well the picture counts, right?

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Behind the Blog

-This post is so adorable and made me giggle as a newlywed myself.
-Planning bridal showers? I know I am - these chalkboard bridal shower games are sweet.
-Give Rebecca a nice warm welcome to my sidebar this month!
-This post gave me a boost of confidence to writing professional blogging emails.

It's officially Autumn! Oh happy day.
What are you most looking forward to about this week? Make it excellent!

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