Week's End Wrap-Up

Where have you been all my life? Join in the Instagram adventure.

1. I work in thee most magnificent building. Zwemer Hall's old architecture and windows spark my love and intrigue with natural light.

2. This hunk monkey (he will hate that nickname) and I have been married for three months now. Oh summer how wonderful you have been to us newlyweds. That smile, style, and glasses get me every time.Thank you my love.

3. Minneapolis keeps hitting the charts. Most bike friendly city, best town ever, healthiest and happiest- the polls seem to follow our own biases and we don't happen to mind.

4. It was a strong weekend for Northwestern athletics.We enjoyed cheering on our lady raiders in their double-win volleyball tourney and both soccer team wins on a gorgeous Saturday night. An excellent win from the Vikings concluded a successful athletic weekend.

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-Fall has me in the mood for bread baking, this recipe will be on next weekend's to do list.
-Letting the achievements of others drive me forward rather than hold me back - this is a strong message that was much needed for my heart and attitude.
-Amanda's sense of humor is impeccable, 5 Blog Posts I Usually Skip had me rolling (and yes I am including it in a week's end wrap up post even though that is one of them).