Share My Autumn // Minnesota

We all love fall, there is no denying it. Whether it is the pumpkin spice explosion everyone is raving about or the warm glowing colors, there is a sense of unity surrounding the love for this season. It was pointed out to me last week that in the extensive travel I do for my job every fall, I surely am able to experience this season in many locations.

Each of us experience fall differently from the other even if we all may be obsessing over miniature pumpkins - they are just too cute, how can you not? In attempts to pursuit the natural beauty of the earth and share what fall looks like in many corners of the world, I will be sharing pictures each week of the Autumn I am currently experiencing. And guess what? YOU can too! Put the hashtag #sharemyautumn to let us in on fall in your location.

And mark your calendars for Tuesday November 4th as there will be a link-up (that's right, the first ever on According to Laura Jean) to share about Autumn in your neck of the woods and take a look-see into the lives of others in the richly beautiful season. To kick it off, my homeland of Minnesota was at the peak of changing colors and crisp airs this weekend. 

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