Blogging with Authenticity

In all of the dreaming that goes into this blog of mine, the core value of authenticity is constantly is in focus for me. Despite where my blog goes, what eyes fall upon it, and the ways it hopefully continues to thrive, I strongly desire to maintain a consistent and genuine sense of authenticity with you. 

All of my well-intentioned thoughts and posts I had planned for this week have been thrown out the window with a too-crazy-for-my-own-good travel schedule and unplanned circumstances. It has simply been one of those weeks for me - one that has exposed jealousy and comparison over the bright ideas of others, one that consists of deep frustration at myself for losing a memory card with hundreds of pictures and wedding videos, and one that leaves me feeling a lack of any sort of creative spark.

Friends, this is who I am this week. I do not want to hide that from you for the sake of a happy go lucky blog post that will be pinned thirty-nine times on a completely unrelated subject of what is actually going on in my life. It is one of my strongest convictions within blogging to write with an authentic voice, true to who I am. 

This is what intentional community in practice is really about. We are honest, we are vulnerable, we are authentic. It is not always easy to share the truth behind our smiles that get us by. This post certainly will not make this month's charts or gather a strong following. But that is okay. Living an authentic life is not for show and tell rather for sitting with another, learning, and listening. Meeting one another where we truly are at is what it is all about.

And because the blogging world has an unspoken rule that every post should include a bright and eye-catching photo to draw people in, this authentic post will not (largely due to the lost memory card). 

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