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Hello adventurers! Happy Friday, give yourself a smile, you made it to the weekend. Today I have the great pleasure of introducing a sweet friend of mine to you. Rebecca of Caravan Sonnet has touched my life with her words and testimony of trust and assurance. Earlier this week I shared about living in adventure and today Rebecca will be continuing on the conversation about choosing adventure as an attitude. Soak up her words and enter yourself in the awesome giveaway below!
“Adventure is an attitude, not a behavior.” ~ Luci Swindoll
In 2001 when I first heard this quote I never would have understood the impact it would have on life today. Thirteen years ago I read this quote while I was riding the train from England to France and delightfully soaking up each moment of my college study abroad program. In the following years I lived in four different states, moved ten times, traveled extensively within the United States, taught High School students for six years, worked with refugees and sex-trafficking victims, spent hundreds of hours volunteering in causes that I was passionate about, and celebrated loudly and lived life with my amazing tribe and friendships. I loved my life. And I never would have expected that in the past two years I would become primarily bed-ridden and house-bound due to fighting advanced stage Lyme Disease and Cancer. While life is very different, I have found a whole new adventure in my journey to get well as I have fallen deeper in love with my precious Savior, have learned to delight in the beauty of the ordinary, started an etsy shop, have my first book being published, and founded a Chronic Illness ministry to encourage the hearts of those struggling with Chronic Health Problems. 
Amidst the pain of illness, I am learning the truth of the quote from above. As I read with joy the adventures of many in bloggy world and have friends who are traveling to the ends of the earth (literally) I am finding once again that adventure is an attitude and that you can marry adventure no matter what your health status is, your financial ability to travel, the lack of resources you may have, the detours of your journey, your marriage status, your regrets, or your amount of vacation days you have from work. LIFE is truly the adventure and no matter the seeming roadblocks or circumstances you can live a life FULL of adventure and joy.
I think adventure starts in our minds and then overflows like a beautiful waterfall to our hearts. Sometimes adventure is following a dream that we have had for a long time, a path that we were once afraid to take, or reading a blog that inspires us to meet someone new, facing a fear that we have always had, reaching out to new friendships, starting a new job, or simply learning that adventure is an attitude. *smiles*
Now that you are pumped up on adventure and ready to try something new, you have a chance to win one of Rebecca's beautiful altered adventure journals. I have been swooning over them for a long time now. Best of luck adventurers!
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