Etsy Swap 2014 Reveal

Can I let you in on a secret theory of mine? I think snail mail is making a comeback and I am all about this trend. We are so glued to technology day in and day out that when a pretty little thing arrives in our mailboxes or on our doorsteps we are overjoyed by the intention someone put in to sending it. You with me?

When Amy and Meg announced their third official Etsy Swap I was ecstatic. Not only did this mean both sending and receiving snail mail but also shopping from some of my favorite Etsy shops. Double win. My mission was to shop for Jordyn from She Who Fears (stop on over to her blog, she is a gem). Some of her favorite things includes the outdoors, succulents, and art and she described her style as whimsical, modern, and simple. I fell in love with this succulent print and rustic wood frame - as did you on Instagram - and shipped it off with a few extra goodies and a note.

Although I was head over heels pumped for this swap, I was also sad in knowing that October is one crazy month for me and I would likely be out of state when my Etsy Swap package arrived. Funny, funny Laura, little did you know it would arrive minutes before you left. I snatched up the package and hit the road. Sweet Meg, who had me, must have known we needed gummy worms for our trip, they were eaten too quickly to be photographed!

Meg's package was perfection in my book, filled with everything lovely. She wrote the sweetest note along with giving several artsy cards, an adorable moose towel, a Mother Theresa quoted frame, and a print that will be hanging front and center in our house as it is Jacob and my life motto. This girl I tell you is a first class Etsy giver!

What was your favorite Etsy Swap item?
Include a link to your post in the comments below so I can check out your goodies.