Heart to Heart // Our Burdensome Thoughts

Today is a day for vulnerability and opening up a discussion for something we seem too afraid to talk about but so desperately need wisdom on, myself included. It is an open door to the nagging lies we tell ourselves in desperate situations. It is a conversation on why and how we change everyday ailments drastically into near death sentences.  It is an opportunity to grow in self-awareness and walk in truth.

Lately I have become more and more aware of the ugliness in my mind and how pervasive my thoughts can be to the entirety of my life. I worry and think and analyze to an extent that becomes so unrealistic to any human being, but to myself is taken as ultimate truth. I know the vicious cycle of believing something that is so far from true true yet dwelling on it as real life - it is deeply painful. We have all been there, right? 

Jake is a half hour late getting home from work, he has to be in a car crash. There is no way he'd work this late, the traffic is this bad, or any other logical reason that is quickly thrown out the door. One quick search on Web MD and a common headache automatically turns into brain cancer. My thumb has been twitching strangely for the past few weeks and instead of acknowledging a very normal vitamin deficiency, my mind goes straight for the extreme of ALS. Friends, why must we hurt ourselves in such ways? 

When actually written out and brought to life all of these examples seem desperately foolish and an aura of embarrassment hangs above me. I want to believe, in fact I need to believe however, that this message is pertinent to not only me and my neighbor but also to you and yours and that far outweighs momentary awkwardness. 

Dearest ones, when we exchange clear thinking, logical and trusted judgment, and our common sense for over-inflated emotional rationales and burdensome thoughts, we fall heavily away from our own sense of self-awareness. We must hold one another accountable and sharpen our self-awareness for moments when it is truly needed to be relied upon.

Let's use this opportunity to share with one another on this subject.
I would venture to guess I am not alone here.