Instagram Favorites // October Sponsor Feature

There is no hiding my undying love for Instagram. The everyday moments captured in brilliance draw me closer to those I know well and those I would like to know better. There is an instant community formed around the love for taking and sharing photos. That is pretty neat if you ask me.

But I am not the only one who revels in this app. Today I have the delight of sharing my October group sponsors with you. These ladies are rock stars when it comes to Instagram and their feeds inspire me daily. Tune in to hear what draws them into their feed and what they love about Instagram then hop on over to their blogs, meet new friends, and double tap to heart some of their photos.

Rebecca // Caravan Sonnet // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest
I am drawn to feeds with beautiful pictures of nature and creativity but beyond a "perfect photograph" I am drawn to those that share their lives honestly and creatively through photography. I love connecting with others on Instagram because I love photography and truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. In my person life as I struggle with fighting several serious diseases, I have found that photography has caused me to stop and see the joys in the small and big things that the Lord has put in my journey. I am learning anew every day that the Lord's mercies are new every morning and that there is hope to be found everyday. I am truly (as the slogan of my Etsy shop says) delighting in the beauty of ordinary.

Madison // The Wetherills Say I Do // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest
I'm drawn to beautiful photos that are interesting and unique. There are so many photos on Instagram that the same old photos don't catch my eye and I scroll right past them. But when I see something that is unique, I am definitely drawn to it. I love Instagram because I am sucha  visual person. I love seeing people's lives through their photos. I also love it because lately it seems like there is a desire for authenticity around Instagram and people are starting to desire to see real moments, not staged ones. I love that!

Betsy // Heavens to Betsy // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest
Betsy's Instagram feed is filled with real life moments captured in beautiful and authentic ways. She is creative, funny, and engaging. One thing most loved about her photos is the way they tell a story and put together significant pieces of her everyday life.

What is your most popular Instagram photo or what is your all time favorite?
Share the link below for us all to take a peak at and follow.

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