Living in Adventure

Day to day our lives seem mundane and usual. Americans have caught a horrible habit of complaining about constantly being busy, busy, busy. If only we realized how often we boast and complain of how full our lives are. In the slow and refining process of becoming an adult however I have started to grasp the concept that my life will always be busy if I choose to look at it that way.

When I look ahead to next week and think about the eight college fairs I have, the long page of calls to make, and the untouched to-do list, that is precisely what I am seeing - busyness. My eyes and heart are drawn to what seems impossible and is too easy to focus on. Instead, I could concentrate on the incredible potential for next week of a new travel state, reconnecting with distant family, and seeking adventure.

Adventure is the key words my friends. It is one that is tossed around as much as Taylor Swift's Shake It Off song on the radio these days. But do we really grasp what the concept is (of adventure that is, although the same could go for T-Swift)? Adventure entices spontaneity, excitement, a certain zest and charm. If we only look at our lives as busy, we are missing out big time on the adventurous opportunities all around us.

We must choose to live in adventure daily and adopt it as a core value of our lifestyles otherwise days and weeks go by seeming like all the rest. Choose to take the scenic route. Choose to call a friend from years past. Choose to try a new restaurant instead of eating Chipotle over and over again (#guilty). Choose to change thinks up in your workplace. Choose to grow rather than stay the same. Choose to live today in adventure and see where it takes you.

What does adventure mean to you? How do you consistently seek it out?