October 2014 Recap

This Autumn has been especially delightful and I hope you have enjoyed it to the fullest. Today I wish you the happiest of Halloweens and a special weekend enjoying the last of the changing colors, especially if you are in the Midwest.

The month of October was a nonstop one with my most extensive travel for work. Thousands of miles were driven and flown through Iowa, Arizona, and Washington. I am thankful for safety and health among a crazy schedule. Jacob was able to join me in Arizona for a few days which was a much needed reunion. We even scored a free night at a super fancy resort and pretended like we were much more proper and high-class than we actually are.

One of my greatest of all friends was wed to her lover and we celebrated in all the best ways on a gorgeous Autumn Sunday. We made friends with the wedding party and enjoyed special moments with the bride and groom.

In the blogging world it has been a record breaking month for According to Laura Jean! Followers have nearly doubled and I have stepped into the world of Google+ (eek, I am still so lost). There have been some awesome opportunities that According to Laura Jean has been a part of like The Etsy Swap, #sharemyautumn, and The Great Christmas Exchange. Thank you friends so very much for your loyalty and commitment to this passion of mine. What an honor these milestones are!

Northwestern's homecoming acted as a mini-homecoming for myself upon my return home from traveling for a weekend. We loved being official alumni, cheering on our favorite Raiders, and getting together with new and old friends alike. House guests are my favorite. Plus the weather could not have been better!

Tell me about your October!
What were some highlights?