Share My Autumn // Arizona

I have decided fall just simply does not exist in Arizona - at least to the standards of this Midwest native. Friends, I kid you not, I searched high and low for an entire week looking for one, just one, changed leaf. Not only did I not find any changed leaves, I barely saw any leaves at all.

But Autumn in Arizona has its own flavor full of rustic goodness. Tumbleweeds, driftwood, and jagged mountain edges sure do exist in the back country of this gorgeous land. I even spotted a somewhat large body of water, a miraculous discovery among everything dead and pokey. Fun fact, did you know Arizona owns more boats per capita than Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes?

If you are new to these Share My Autumn posts, we have created a community that shares and experiences Autumn in each others shoes. We all love what fall has to offer so why not share those mini pumpkins and dainty red leaves with one another? Now YOU have the opportunity to share what fall looks like in your corner of the world and share with US! Use the hashtag #sharemyautumn for all your cozy, colorful, and fall-like photos on Instagram.

Next week, on Tuesday November 4th, my favorite images you post will be shared along with a link-up opportunity  to post about Autumn in your location, your favorite DIY fall craft, or anything that celebrates this season we all adore.

What's the latest and greatest Autumn adventure you have been on?
Do you have Halloween plans this weekend?

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