The Friday Five

One // Today I finally travel home and will sleep in my own bed for the first time in weeks. It will be heavenly. This weekend is also Northwestern's Homecoming Weekend - go Raiders! I foresee many reunions, some high stakes athletic games, and everything fall related.

Two // Do you ever have it where you look in your closet and feel as though every creative juice in your body has gone missing? That is where I am at right now with my work attire. Leave a link below to your favorite Pinterest inspired work outfit to help me get inspired!

Three // I ate at, hands down, the best burger place that exists in America yesterday. It is called Zinburger and was seriously delicious. I am usually not one for bathroom selfies, but this place was too much of a hoot not to. Next time you're in sunny Arizona, hit one up!

Four // What books have you been reading lately? I am going through a reading drought and could use some strong recommendations. And yes, I am somewhat picky about what I read but give it a shot and I will check it out.

Five // Can you believe it is practically November? Oh my lanta, this year is just zipping right on by and the holidays are right around the corner. Next week there is a super exciting announcement coming up regarding the Christmas season and According to Laura Jean. You do not want to miss out, stay tuned.

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