The Importance of Sisters

Meet Leah Marie Ecklund. This witty, artsy girl happens to be my one and only sister and she is a special one at that.  Leah and I fall typical to birth order stereotypes - me with the organized overly type A personality and Leah the little weasel of a procrastinator. It makes our relationship unique to say the least. Sisters, both biological and through friendship, hold strong importance in our lives and here is why.

Sisters Give Life
There is something about the spontaneous late night conversations, day long shopping trips, and random text messages containing every emoji possible that gives life between sisters. I could be totally burnt out in every aspect of life and one interaction with Leah changes everything. Life is given like a breath of fresh air between sisters.

Sisters Speak Truth
A sister listens, understands, and responds in truth. It is a relationship that allows for tough love and encouragement. It is not always what you want to hear but it is what you need to hear. Sisters have a magical way of intervening with truth and love and speaking words that bear honesty in the most humble way possible.

Sisters Know Best
A sister shares genes (and jeans for that matter) and often thought processes as well. Leah and I are complete opposite in most ways but we grew up in the same context and share the way we think and process life. When my mind is boggled and too cluttered to know what direction to take, she knows best. Sisters provide an outside perspective with inside understanding.

Sisters Get It
They just get it, it is as simple as that. There is no need to explain in some moments, simply for them to be the sister they have always been is enough.

What sisters are in your life? What have they taught you about the importance of their relationships?

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