Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. T is for travel and that is what my life has consisted of lately. Today I start week five of the travel season and in exactly a week I fly out for Washington state then Arizona after that! Other than longing for my own bed and eating healthy, I am holding up fairly well.

2. The husband has accumulated a new hobby since I've been gone - swimming. Our local hospital has an aquatic center with jetted pools to swim in. Hello workout! I was able to go along this week and could not help but sing Finding Nemo's just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

3. Fall's crisp is in the air here in the Midwest. After a few chilly nights along with the reluctance to close our windows for the season, we have pulled out the gorgeous quilt Jacob's grandma made for our marriage. 

4. We are in the single digits till my BFF's WEDDING friends! I cannot believe October 12th is nearly here already. Let wedding week begin for one of the most elegant brides I know.

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-Jacob and I love the city and this article shares the beauty of raising a family in this context.
-I went to the library this weekend and was way too overwhelmed. I'll have to check out this list next time!
-Samantha's hospitality has me begging for guests at our home - how cool are these baskets?
-Chronic illness effects us all in one way or another and these ideas for prayer are so vulnerable.
-I switched to Disqus on a whim and am so impressed already.

Where have you been this week?
What was your favorite conversation? Let's share our stories.