Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. This charming shop was a hidden gem in the Southern Iowa hills. I spent two hours wandering around and uncovering the beauty of vintage and antique items - each one overly unique. And I just love this quote of let the colors capture you.

2. Oh fall how predictable yet surprising you are to us each year. We know in our minds what happens each season but in our hearts you wrap us around your finger tips with the change of each leaf color. Thank you for stripes, ankle boots, and pretty leaves.

3. Little cupcake you were yummy and the perfect excuse for a quick get together with family. Chocolate peanut butter lover all the way over here, is anyone with me?

4. The Brandow's are hitched! Ah what a truly glamorous weekend it was celebrating these two the Lord has brought together and all things lovely. Gina made a stunning bride and the wedding party had the time of our lives.

Etsy Favorites
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Heart to Heart // Our Burdensome Thoughts

-I'm digging this flowy skirt, tucked in shirt look.
-Yes, yes, yes I am all about this new project. Have you heard the news?
-This article gave me hope for life in the face of medical troubles.

Tell me about your weekend!
What fall adventures have you been up to?