Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. The coast of Washington state welcomed me with open arms and rainy skies last week. Work keeps me very busy with little free time to see the sites of such a beautiful land but it was a must to stop by and dip my toes in the salt water.

2. Evergreen trees are everywhere in Washington - a strong thing going for the token evergreen state. It is such a cool opportunity to experience fall in so many different locations around the country #sharemyautumn.

3. Friday provided one of the best moments in a long time. I was frazzled from the travel week, all the traffic in Seattle, and getting to my flight on time when I heard my name yelled in the SEA-TAC airport. I turn around to see one of my dearest friends Holly and immediately burst into tears. Our worlds collided in between travel to and from Hong Kong, Seattle, Minnesota and Arizona. It was the sweetest twenty minutes I have had in a long, long time. 

4. Hello Arizona! Boy aren't you different from the Midwest. This week will be another packed one with many college fairs and recruiting but in between will be filled with grandparents, warm sun, and mountains.

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-The heart of autumn is upon us and there are photos gracing Instagram by the hour. Have you used the hashtag #sharemyautumn yet? Do it now! Your photo may be shared.
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-I am crushing on this office and having my own space to be creative.

What do you love about October?
What has been on your heart this week?