Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. This past week in Arizona was warm and sunny in all regards of life. A few admissions counselor friends and I went out to a wonderful burger place and cracked up over the bathroom paparazzi. Definitely was not expecting to find them!

2. After weeks of not sleeping in my own bed, I made it home and cuddled up early early Saturday morning and slept like a log. There is much truth about being away that makes the heart grow fonder of home. Cancelled flights, stolen luggage, and lots of traffic cannot stop me from being home with the one I love.

3. Our dear friends got a puppy and we celebrated big time! Eight week old Layla is the cutest little Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix you will ever meet. She runs like a baby lamb and stole our hearts immediately. Jacob is all pumped that I am more on the puppy bandwagon now. 

4. Decorating our apartment has been a slow process but I love how it is coming together.This shelf is dedicated to all our little adventures and has tokens from significant moments in our lives. It may be slightly bare right now but years from now we will cherish all the sweet memories.

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What did you learn this week?
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