4 Considerations for Updating Your Wardrobe

A few months ago I chose to dramatically transform my wardrobe from the motto of clearance, thrifted, and quantity to quality, token, and versatile pieces. After letting go of nearly 3/4 of my wardrobe, this renovation has been life changing. No longer do I stare at my closet and think what in the world do I wear today? Every piece has a function and/or I am in love with.

The transformation has not been effortless however. There are several aspects of this wardrobe change that I had not considered previously and I would encourage you to look into before and during the transition.

Time, Money, Effort
I did not realize how slow of a process updating a wardrobe is till the majority of my clothes were gone. Rebuilding takes time, money, and effort and is not an overnight turn around. Weed through your closet in stages and be patient with giving away and buying new pieces. It helps to make transitions with the changing of seasons.

A consolidated wardrobe equals more laundry simple as that. It is another consideration I had not thought of prior to the downsize - less clothes worn more often. If you are a laundry hater, know what you are getting into.

Creative Shopping
Purchasing new, quality pieces takes more than your piggy bank change. This is the main reason I settled for cheap quality and low priced clothing previously. In the long run however I ended up spending more money with constantly replacing shirts I didn't like and pants that wore down easily.

ThredUp is my new favorite way of shopping smart. You have the opportunity of browsing thousands of hand selected, like-new items from the comfort of your home. All your favorite brands are discounted up to 90% off. Saving money + high quality pieces makes for a great combination. This is the real deal friends - see what dress of mine in the pictures? A mere $3! Plus free returns if your purchases don't fit right. Join now and receive $10 off your first purchase.

Step Away from the Pressure
Filling my closet with items I truly love and fit me perfectly brought on a lot of pressure every time I shopped. I would second guess every single purchase and wonder if I loved it enough or if it fit that perfectly. Know your style and follow your heart. Ditch the pressure and enjoy this transformation not only of your closet but more importantly, your confidence.

What do you consider when replenishing your wardrobe?
What are your staple pieces?

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