A Day in the Life of an Admissions Counselor

My job is sporadic and depending on the season, month, or day can vary greatly in what it looks like. I am grateful for this. When asked what my job entails it is often hard to narrow it down to a few key points as it is filled with such a variety of activity. To make it easier, why not share a photo tour of my day?

Fall is filled with travel to our different territories we recruit from. My area includes Southern Iowa, Wisconsin, Washington, and Arizona. I also work with students from Idaho and Oregon but do not travel to these states. Depending on the week and location I visit high schools, attend college fairs, stop by churches, and meet with students and their families individually. The mornings are early and nights are late, my car is essentially my home, and I crave home cooked meals often. However one of my greatest joys with this career comes in meeting students face to face and helping them further discern their calling for Christian higher education.

A Day in the Life of An Admissions Counselor
6:30am // Rise and shine!
7:07am // Hit the road bright and early to make it to high school city
8:30am // High school visit
9:15am // (not pictured) Drive hour and a half to next city
11:15am // Lunch and hot chocolate break
12:15pm // Lunch room visit at high school
1:30pm // (not pictured) Drive 30 minutes to next city
2:30pm // High school visit
3:50pm // Quick nap at rest stop
4:35pm // Set up college fair (bonus my husband is on the brochures)
5:00pm // (not pictured) College fair night
9:00pm // (not pictured) Drive hour to hotel
10:01pm // Check in at hotel for the night (why is hotel carpet always crazy?)
10:30pm // (not pictured) Call students in western time zones
11:32pm // Goodnight world!
What does a day in the life look like for your job?
Share your moments with us!

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