Create Your Own Housewarming Gift

Giving gifts and celebrating life events go hand in hand for the overly extroverted bald girl I am. My husband found it slightly alarming how big I originally wanted our hospitality and gifting budget to be, but he soon realized just how important this is to me.

We recently celebrated both a marriage and housewarming of two dear friends of ours. Their town home is looking pretty spiffy but I couldn't help making a quick stop by Target to pick up a few extra goodies. Everything included in the gift was under $20! You have to love Target and their fantastic deals. Fill a picture frame with a casual wedding photo ($6), include a wine stopper for an added celebration ($5), and fill their house with the soothing aroma of a candle ($6). Throw in a few chocolates to get through any moving day ($3) and you are set to go!

What are your favorite housewarming items?
What deals have you scored at Target lately?

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