How You Know You're a Blogger

Nearly everyday I receive comments or questions in person about my blog - it is remarkable to think of the connections this space has around the world. Some people are so clueless about the work and passion blogging is, others halfway get it, and those very close to or within the blogging community fully understand. There is a certain comradery between bloggers and mutual connection. We share dreams and desires as well as funny and awkward moments.

You Know You are a Blogger If...
You optimize all social media networks.
You constantly have running idea lists for blog posts.
Your blogging besties feel like long lost sisters.
You carry your camera everywhere you go.
You feel awkward posing for style photos.
You are a young female adult with stories to share.
You do a happy dance when an ad space is bought.
You document everyday life experiences - everything could turn into a post, right?
You are going through the capsule wardrobe phase and love Stitch Fix.
You are a self-taught graphic designer.
You have mastered the art of the tripod and camera remote.
You know how to breeze through giveaways like a champ.
You have great intentions of working ahead but find yourself up at 2am finishing tomorrow's post.
You feel special when your images are pinned.
You love dreaming big.
Your baking projects are always photographed.
You are passionate about community and collaboration.
You look at Instagram a bit too often than you'd like to admit.
Your worst enemy is poor lighting for photos.
You have a select few blogs you read everyday the first chance you have.
You either own an Etsy shop or majorly support them.
You love what you do and that makes blogging worth it day to day.

What would you add about being a blogger?
Let's grow the list!

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