Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Sunsets during Iowa harvest season are magnificent. With all the driving I do, I am able to witness the absolute best sunrises and sunsets that portray the Lord's masterwork in this world.

2. Let me tell you, it's all about these boots. I scored them on clearance for $10 at Old Navy this summer and were a bit unsure of them at first. Now I am convinced they are perfect for autumn as they cling to a bit of summer with the open sides but can easily be paired with socks for winter. Boom, multi-purpose.

3. Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! Target has me oooing and ahhhing over everything gold and Christmasy. It dawned on me that as a newlywed we have zero holiday decorations and do not have a huge budget for them. Here's to brainstorming crafty and cost-effective decorations!

4. We love our Twin Cities friends dearly. It is hard to live far away from our closest family and friends but it makes reunions that much sweeter when we are in the area. Grabbing a few drinks and catching up on life is something I love much about this community of ours.

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