Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. The day after Halloween makes me sad. Wrinkly pumpkins and candy wrappers litter the street but this year I want to continue the mindset of harvest and autumn through Thanksgiving. This is the season of abundance, why not celebrate it more abundantly?

2. We celebrated four years of togetherness this week. Woah! I am a major processor, needing to talk through life transitions and where I have come from to get to this point. I am thankful for a husband and friends who listen and process with me. Four years seems like an eternity in some regard and in others the blink of an eye.

3. Travel season is nearly complete - let the praises ring! This point in the year can get really draining but my last full week of travel to Wisconsin was accompanied by Jessica. She mostly caught up on sleep, shopped, and watched Netflix while I worked #jealous. But we were able to sneak a late night cinema night into the busy schedule. The Judge is a fantastic movie and we highly recommend it!

4. One thing we are learning a lot about in marriage is keeping our individual passions. Just because we are now unified in marriage does not mean we have lost who we are as individual people. Saturday's date consisted of my love for blogging and Jake's love for video games. It was a grand 'ol time enjoying what we both are passionate about, including chicken tortilla soup, but being together while we do it.

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How was your week?
Are you surviving daylights saving changes?