Week's End Wrap-Up

1. Sabbath is something I have coveted dearly for several years now. My every week pointed towards a day of pure rest and worship, so vastly different from every other day unfortunately. Since being married and traveling these Sabbath moments have been fewer and far between. It is time to reclaim the Sabbath, experience true rest, and of course catch up on the latest Relevant.

2. We love our Weston and we're so thankful he is home safe and sound. The military has never been something that effected my life directly until Jake and my best friend and best man joined the Marines four years ago. How important it is to celebrate the unspoken heroes of our nation, despite political stance or opinion.

3. Chaco boots answer my winter prayers for warmth and adventure. Snow has officially blanketed the Midwest grounds and for this walking and biking commuter, Chaco boots keep my feet nice and toasty.

4. This weekend was jam packed with party after party after party. It was my extroverted self's dream to host, party plan, and celebrate three parties in one day but let me tell you I could use a nice long sleep (oh hey, thank you Sabbath). Need a quick and easy party decor idea? Thread a needle, string balloons together, and hang from the ceiling. Voila, instant party!

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-Nutella pound cake may have to add itself to the Thanksgiving menu.
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What were the highs and lows of your week?
How can we be praying for each other?