Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. In case you have not picked up on my recent craze, I am loving gold everything! Although I am not a packers fan, green and gold is a classy combination for any work outfit plus this bracelet is from my best friend's trip to India.

2. Fridays are Fridays, can I get an amen? This past week I was minutes away from speaking in front of a crowd and dumped a cup of water all over myself #awkward. Sometimes you just need to roll with the punches, collect yourself, and dive in. At least it was water and not the orange juice I drank before.

3. Travel season has come to a completion and I have seen more corn fields that my eyes would prefer. As we approach this Thanksgiving season I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the 9,411 miles driven and three flights taken with absolutely no safety hazards or trip ups. Thank you Lord!

4. Friendsgiving is the it thing this year and we were all about it. We packed our little apartment with twenty of our friends in the community that we share life with. It was a joyous time of fellowship and eating way too much. Oh and of course Sunday afternoon football was on in the background and board games were played. My heart was so full!

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Did you partake in a Friendsgiving?