2014 with According to Laura Jean

If you take a quick look around blog world today you will see an abundance of year in review posts. Maybe you've decided to click past them, but I encourage you to spend some time celebrating the successes of others and dreaming together for the New Year - that is what this community is for.

2014 with According to Laura Jean has been one awesome party. At the beginning of the year I was swamped with a new travel-intensive job, wedding planning, and trying to blog in limited free time. My creativity felt distance and I took a hiatus from blogging to focus on what was in front of me. Come August it was time to jump back in full swing and I have not looked back since.
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Successes and Joys
-Posted consistently 4-5 times per week and intentionally planning posts ahead of time
-Developed deeper relationships with bloggers across the country
-Found a healthy balance between blog life and social life
-Grew a record amount of readers and followers
-Successfully hosted my first link-up of #sharemyautumn and several giveaways

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Top Social Media Loves
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Instagram // Elise Joy of Enjoy It Blog
Facebook // The Peony Project
Google+ // TriStyle & Co.
Pinterest // Hayley of The Tiny Twig

What was significant about your 2014 blogging year?
Comment below with your year in review post, I'd love to celebrate with you!