December 2014 Recap + January Goals

December bids farewell today along with the year of 2014. This month we frolicked like little lambs in the unusually gorgeous weather. The long winter days were much more bearable with walks outside over lunch and fresh air. It turned out to be a brown Christmas but the day after graced the Minnesota grounds with white fluffy snow.

We officially completed our circuit of eleven weddings in seven months - weph that's a lot of celebrating. Jackie and Logan's big day was a relaxed and heart warming sailboat themed wedding. I had the joy to stand by this dear friend's side as her matron of honor and love her to pieces. Less than a week later the friend group traveled to Hannah and Austin's wedding and continued the merriment as bridesmaids. 

Between all these classy events, our household hosted several friends and family members which made for lasting memories and a special Advent season. I think, actually I know, they loved how much I serenaded them with Taylor Swift's new album and showed them around local small town Iowa. Oh and Trivia Crack totally became an obsession between each other, even when we were in the same room.

For Christmas, Jacob and I traveled to the Twin Cities and spent quality with both sides of our family. We also reunited with our high school youth group which brought back both immature and hilarious memories. These last few days of December I have spent off of work, taking time to care for myself and enjoying time away before welcoming in 2015!

Revamp Sponsor Opportunities Alright friends, here is a behind the scenes Laura secret for you, I am over the traditional idea of sponsoring. It seems like every blogger is doing the same thing and I have felt trapped for too long into doing the same old, same old. I am so ready to step outside the box and think creatively about how to create more meaningful and rich sponsor/partner opportunities. 

I'll be honest though - I know full well I cannot come up with this grand vision on my own - I have tried and slightly failed. Is this something you are passionate about digging into? Email me, friend! This is not a blank offer, it is a sincere invite to join me in thinking about blogging and partnerships at a new level ( I am pumped to work with you. 

Word Play Lately I have become increasingly bored with my vocabulary and word usage. This month I want to play around with words for titles, promotional posts, and other blog related avenues. Seems like a strange but tangible goal that is worth taking on for the month of January.

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