DIY // Mini Potted Christmas Tree

I love decorating for Christmas! In my mind I envisioned our first Christmas as a married couple being oh so extravagant and going the whole nine yards to make our place extra special. Think again Laura. Somewhere in between those boisterous dreams I forgot that my husband loves a good deal and is healthily money conscious. We are now waiting until the day after Christmas this year to stock up on all the overly priced cute decorations at Target and Kirklands - we are those people.

These stipulations however have not gone without me brainstorming every possible way to decorate with what we have and/or can find easily. My dad gave us a mini little Christmas tree over Thanksgiving and I decided to spruce it up a little bit to make it festive for the season. It is the cutest darn thing and I think you should give it a try as well.

Miniature Christmas Tree
A Pot
Potting Soil
Hot Glue Gun

How To:
1. Buy a mini Christmas tree.
2. Cut your fabric to the appropriate size of your pot.
3. Tuck in the fabric to the pot and hot glue them together.
4. Add potting soil and plant the tree.
5. Decorate with ornaments and ribbon.
6. Enjoy!
What DIY Christmas decorations have you made?
Describe your holiday decor style.

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