Embracing the Advent Season

Welcome, officially, to the Advent season. One filled with immeasurable peace and the awaiting of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ our Savior. You have likely read posts upon posts encouraging you to slow down this holiday season, spend less on monetary presents, and take more time with family rather than in the kitchen.

We get it, this is what we long for and what we hope for as we enter a notoriously busy season of life. We desire to prepare our hearts for these goals but even the best of intentions can quickly fade back to familiar territory. Friends, in order to truly embrace this Advent season we must come to realize that it is more than simply pausing in the Target aisle to think little Benny does not need another Lego set or maybe I should call up Aunt Betty instead of this, that, or the other thing.

Advent, in the Christianity-stripped definition, signifies the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. Most arrivals come with some knowledge or foretaste in which people wait earnestly for the big moment. Christmas is no different. Christmas Advent is a season - an extended time of waiting and preparing expectantly for the greatest arrival of all, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Advent is not about us and what we hope for the season. It is about waiting upon our God and celebrating his magnificence in every moment. Family time, savvy shopping, and slowing down are all noble characteristics but if our hearts are not preparing for our baby Jesus born in a manger than we are not embracing the Advent season in the purest sense. As we look ahead to this very notable arrival, wait upon the Lord and experience true expectancy.

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