Five Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Weddings are happy days celebrating life and love. If you have planned a wedding, you are well aware of the abundance of details that go into it. The dress, the music, oh and don't forget making a way too elaborate schedule that nobody will look at as much as you do. Luckily, maid of honors are gems sent from the wedding angels above.

After having an amazing maid of honor myself, who happens to be getting married this weekend, observing maid of honor roles, and being a maid of honor recently, I have picked up on some responsibilities that bring meaning to the big day.

Help Find the Dress
The proposal has officially happened and planning is getting under way. What's next? Finding the bride's dress of course! Depending on arrangements and who she desires to bring along that day, go with and help with the process. Sometimes your support and presence is more needed then heavy opinions and specific advice.

Coordinate the Bridesmaids
If your bridesmaids are anything like my friend group, they can get pretty crazy when all together and having a good time. The maid of honor can play a strong role in coordinating the bridesmaids, keeping them calm around the bride, and serving them as needed.

Eye for Details
The personal attendants are lifesavers when it comes to the details of orchestrating a wedding day. As the maid of honor, use your eyes to fill in the gaps. Does the mother of the bride need a break? Are there clothes and make-up strewn all over the venue's bathroom from getting ready? Look for these empty spaces and fill in yourself without overwhelming the bride.

The Listener
Engagement is a strange season of life. Bride's are caught in a flux of emotions and transitions and often need someone to simply be there. Listen to her passions, fears, significant moments, and her heart.

Prayer Warrior
Thank goodness for the power of prayer, can I get an amen? Lift your friend up daily as she prepares to commit her life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically to the love of her life. Pray for significance and meaning to be present on their wedding day and everyday of their marriage. Edify, petition, and forgive through prayer.

Have you been a maid of honor?
What responsibilities are important for this role?