Heart to Heart // The Diva Cup

To my primarily female audience, I am so excited to share something revolutionary with you today. If you are a male, you are always welcome here, just know that today is specifically about girl talk. Let's have a heart to heart ladies, raise your hands if you love having that time of the month. Even though I cannot see behind your computer screen or iPhone touchscreen I will venture to guess very few hands went up.

I know, I know it is an awkward conversation to have with one another but I am breaking the ice and just going for it. Okay? Let me introduce you to my dear friend, The Diva Cup. Have you heard of her? She is changing the lives of women across the world not to mention saving the planet at the same rate.

This flexible, reusable silicone cup was born out of a dream for sustainable and healthy feminine hygiene products. It looks intimidating, doesn't it? That is what hindered me at first. Once you get the hang of it however it can stay in for 12 hours! Change it once when you wake up and once before bed and you will not have a worry in the world. It literally feels as if I have no period and it is the last thing on my mind.

Tampons and pads are expensive, dirty, and damaging to our ecosystem. For longer than I wish to admit, it seemed as though they were the only options. The Diva Cup however will save you money, space, and trips to the store. The average woman spends around $10 per month on supplies, paying off The Diva Cup in a mere three months. Not to mention saving on the gas getting to and from the store, waste each month to the landfills, and overall personal hygiene.

It is my best friend when it comes to traveling as it has a tiny little travel pouch that I can stick in my purse or luggage. Do you ever have those awkward moments of trying to transport a tampon to the bathroom in a public place while wearing a dress with no pockets? Okay maybe I just embarrassed myself with that one, but The Diva Cup stays with you needing no replacement and minimal change.

The Diva Cup is certainly not for everyone but if you are looking for healthy alternatives to your natural way of life and enjoy trying something new, then I encourage you to go for it. It has changed my whole perspective on my menstrual cycle and revolutionized my view on personal hygiene products.
Diva Cup only knows me as a happy, satisfied customer. This is not a paid or benefited sponsor post
rather an invitation for you to try a product I truly love and support.

Have you used The Diva Cup?
What do you think of it?

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