Hosting on a Budget

I am the queen bee of hosting. If I could host the world's population for a dinner party my life would be close to complete. But, as Jacob quickly realized with marrying me, hosting comes with a price tag. There are however savvy ways to demonstrate hospitality in your everyday life while paying off student loans and saving money.

Our Hospitality Fund
Jacob and I are fairly organized when it comes to monthly budgeting. We know our allotment for utilities, rent, car payments, etc. We save money for the future and invest in retirement. You know, the usual expenses. Something that has been important to us since day one however it to set a specific monthly budget we like to call our hospitality fund. This allows us the freedom and flexibility to use allotted money to have community members over for dinner, gift presents, and bless those in our lives minus the guilt of spending money. It is prepared for ahead of time and used as a way to give back.

Shared Contribution
Fairly often we host game nights at our place and recently held our very first Friendsgiving. For these gatherings we typically ask each person to contribute a food item to share so the burden does not completely fall on us. They are friends we know well and who are willing to contribute. You may end up with all side dishes for your meal like we did, but we all secretly love those best anyways.

The Heart of Hosting
Hosting does not need a price tag attached to it. Too often we get caught up in the beautiful place settings and gorgeous dishes on Pinterest that scream come celebrate at this house while making what we do have to offer seem of lesser value. Hosting is about giving of yourself, letting others in, and experiencing life together. Who cares if the dishes are piled high to the sky in the sink? Maybe a friend just needs some time away in a different space - open your home and your heart to hosting and drop the lavish unrealistic ideas of hospitality.

What is your favorite way to host people?
How are you intentional about hosting on a budget?

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