Laura's Winter Must Haves

Well friends, winter is here and there is no denying it anymore. The temperatures have plummeted, warm and cozy nights seem the most appealing, and layers upon layers are being worn. Even though I would rather live in a state of disbelief I suppose it is time to embrace the cold weather.

I commend my sister for literally living in the tundra of America, North Dakota - three cheers for Leah! Surviving, let alone thriving, in northern winters takes talent and a few must haves to keep you extra warm.

Yankee Candle // $28
Based on the delicious smell, I wish eating balsam and spruce was a thing. Our balsam and spruce Yankee Candle is always burning while we are home and the holiday collection of scents is our favorite.

Puffy Vest // $40
Who can go without one of these babies? At first I was skeptical, the whole keep your torso warm but not your arms thing threw me for a bit of a loop, but now I am on full board. Fashion forward plus comfy is my go to style.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg // $15
This one is on my must read list this winter to process more of my place and position in the world as a female. Winter is for thinking and learning and growing. Have you watched her TED talk yet? If not, please do!

Oh Simple Joys Coffee Mug // $8
I am not a coffee drinker but hot chocolate and tea are a must to warm the throat. This mug is too adorable to not add to our mug collection.

Chaco Boots // $140
Staying active and getting outdoors is important for Jacob and I even when the cold weather tells us otherwise. My Chaco boots are the perfect get up and go mood booster for stepping outside and embracing the temperatures.

What is on your winter must have list?
How do you stay warm and cozy?

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