My Style // Festive Christmas Sweaters

It's Christmas Eve and this calls for celebrating with festive Christmas sweaters. They are the bees knees of the holiday season. The sister and I love traditions and are known to go all out with the holiday cheer. Why would we stop short when it comes to the sweaters?

Laura's Christmas Sweater Style
Isn't this little reindeer buddy the cutest? Wearing him around town gives me a permanent friend not to mention smiles to many. These leggings though are unsurpassed in coziness - like if we had a soft contest I would definitely win with them. Now here's to hoping we have a white Christmas morning! 

Leah's Christmas Sweater Style
I like three things - Home Alone, Christmas, and holly jolly happiness. My outfit represents a combination of my style and the contagious Christmas spirit. Add some boot socks, bow tights, and a crocheted scarf to call it good.

What is your favorite Christmas sweater?
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