November 2014 Recap + December Goals

As I reflect on each month that passes, it seems like every time I think wow it went by so fast. But isn't that every month, year, and season of life? It seems to be for me at least and November was no exception. It was a pivotal month of transitions - changing from fall to winter, ending my travel season to be at home, and preparing for the holidays.

Based on the photos it is easy to see that our month consisted of mainly two things, food + people, and that makes for a great month. We kicked the first weekend off with another wedding of a high school friend and sweet quality time visiting newlywed friends in the Twin Cities. Wisconsin then followed with my last fall travel week, wrapping up the season with 9,411 miles driven!

Jacob and I spent a weekend laying around and being lazy since those moments have been largely nonexistent in our marriage. Thank you Jesus for peace and rest for our tiresome hearts and minds.

The wedding marathon of 2014 continued as I held another bridal shower and combined bachelorette party for two dear friends who are getting married in the same week. Speaking of friends, we had a great conversation on the blog about making friends in life transitions. Did you miss it? It was a golden one.

Finally, the month concluded with the festive Thanksgiving holiday as we celebrated with both sides of the family and held a Friendsgiving. Of course green bean casserole was a must along with the beautiful snow that graced the Minnesota grounds. 

As 2014 winds down to a new year, I have been convicted of the need to be more intentional in all aspects of my life. Personally, spiritually, professionally, within blogging - I have a dream for this word to saturate the communities I am invested in. Setting goals has always been a challenge for me as I would much rather keep a running to-list than strive for and celebrate accomplished moments. But intentionality is not born overnight and taking steps towards this dream requires goals.

Reach Out When life gets busy and time is limited, reaching out does not come naturally for me. Building a community is less about how perfect my blog posts look and how captivating my promotional tweets are. True community is about reaching out to a new blogger, responding to an email of encouragement, or cheering on a friend going through a difficult season.

Expand My Knowledge of Google Thank you Cyber Monday for gifting me a laptop that has been much needed for a long time. I'm so looking forward to meeting my sleek Chromebook in the mail on Wednesday. I have quite a bit of time and learning required to fully make use of all Google platforms. 

Remain Authentic As readership grows and community is built, I have seen bloggers sadly fall to the pressures of sponsor opportunities and unauthentic content. I am all for sponsor opportunities and promoting brands I love however it is important for me to remain genuine with my readers and keep this in mind in each post and interaction. 

What does December hold for you?
What goals do you have before the New Year?

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