The Heart of Dressember

Meet Kelsey - she is a dear friend of mine and a rock star in the social justice sphere. Maybe you have heard of Dressember and this little big movement stretching across the world. Kelsey is a passionate advocate of this opportunity and there is no one I'd rather have share about this than her. 

What is Dressember?
Dressember is all about solidarity. It’s a movement, that has spread to countries across the globe, that uses fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women and advocate for those who are being exploited. Women (and men wearing ties) are taking on the challenge of wearing a dress for all 31 days of December to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking. Dressember is partnering financially with International Justice Mission, a human rights agency seeking to end modern day slavery and to protect the poor from violence.

How did you become passionate about ending sex trafficking?
I was introduced to human trafficking several years ago, and there was immediately a fire burning in my soul. In June 2013 I hopped on board a plane to live in Bangalore, India for two months (over half the worlds slaves reside in India- approximately 14 million). I worked with an anti-trafficking organization doing prevention work in the slums, cleaning in an HIV hospital, and working in an aftercare center. 

Since I knew the facts, I thought I was prepared to meet survivors. But oh my, was I wrong! Knowing the facts is completely different than falling in love with 28 women who had survived the horrific injustices of sex-trafficking that I thought I knew so much about. I saw the scars these women had, learned their names, and heard their stories. I saw women, unsure of their own age, who endured greater injustices than I can even fathom. The number of people trafficked globally- 27 million- suddenly became so much more real to me. Therefore, I will not stop fighting for these women and the millions of others out there until slavery no longer exists in this world. 

So that’s why I'm participating in Dressember- for these 28 women and the millions of others out there who I haven't met because I believe that each and every one of them is a beloved daughter of the King! By simply wearing a dress for 31 days I hope to shine a light on slavery and raise awareness in order to free women around the world. I have a voice, and this December I am using it. Your voice matters, too, and our voices are louder together.
How have you seen the Lord work through this movement?
One of my prayers for quite some time has been for a revival. I’ve prayed that we would be the generateion to rise up and fight for justice and I’ve seen these prayers answered in small ways through Dressember. About 20-30 people on my college's campus alone are participating and there are over 2,500 advocates registered globally. 

The most recent fundraising update is $255,000 raised by day 18. This funds approximately 57 IJM rescues or provides 14 IJM lawyers with salaries for an entire year. This is world changing people! Through Dressember fundraising, lives will be changed and freedom will be found.

What can others do to participate?
First, check out IJM and The Dressember Foundation to learn more about these fabulous organizations! You can also click our direct link to donate and join us in the fight for freedom.

Prayer can also move mountains and it can be done anywhere or anytime. There are so many options out there, but here are some prayer points to keep in mind: Pray for the individuals being trafficked - pray for continued strength, their rescue, and that they would find freedom in Christ. Pray for the people and organizations working to end trafficking. Pray for an awakening to move like wildfire around the world to bring slavery to an end. And finally, pray for the traffickers and exploiters. This is perhaps the most difficult prayer, but so needed. Pray the Lord would transform their lives and that the demand for sex trafficking would cease.
Are you participating in Dressember?
What social justice movements are you passionate about?

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