The Old Factory Coffee Shop

I love local and local loves me. The age of millennials has fallen in love with ideas of locally grown, organic, near to home and farm to table; it truly is a fantastic movement.  Local is more than simply a fad however, it is a lifestyle. This word inspires me to know and be known, to invest, and to sit and be present.

Let me introduce you to one of my all time favorite places that lives out local in every sense of the word. The Old Factory Coffee Shop is my go to local place and I am not even a coffee drinker! Their breakfasts are delicious, hot tea something to long after, and baked goods to die for. Jacob and I set aside money each week it is that much of a priority in our lives.

Even though they are doing everything right and more when it comes to food and drinks, our heart for this place goes far beyond. It is about more than ordering ingredients locally and naturally, although they excel at this too, the owners and regulars truly and deeply care about the locals and community that is integrated in the life of the coffee shop.

The Old Factory was born out of a love and desire for coffee, community, and conversation. It is my firm belief that these three things go hand in hand, substituting in a non-coffee drink for myself of course. This place is home. It is known, it is invested in by the community, and it is a space to be fully present. The Old Factory has been a gathering space to celebrate some of the best of times and a refuge for embracing some of the worst. My heart largely remembers moments by places and spaces and this one will forever be etched within. 

What places and spaces are significant to you?
How is local a part of your life?

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