Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. We are city dwellers at heart and love the urban vibe. One of the primary things I miss from living in a small town is the wealth of fresh produce that is readily available at markets and grocery stores. I have yet to see myself a beloved pomegranate in Northwest Iowa although they are in prime season. It makes trips to the cities even sweeter.

2. Thanksgiving wrapped us up in a whole bunch of family time, cozy moments, and collaborative games. This is why I love, love, love the holidays! Although I am not a fan of cats, the in-law's kitty was pretty interested in sharing chamomile tea with me Thanksgiving morn'.

3. Tell me I'm not alone in putting lipstick on via my phone camera? Make-up is not my thing but when chapstick is not readily available in the dry Northern tundra, borrowing my sister's lipstick is the next best option. It was surprisingly hydrating, maybe I like it more than I thought. 

4. Oh Anthropologie, how easily you taunt all of us normal-folk with your gorgeous yet outrageously expensive pieces. The sister and I spent much time wandering, browsing, and loving all the seasonal merchandise and wishing our budgets were much higher than they actually are. Here's to dreaming!

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