Week's End Wrap-Up

Let's be Instagram friends.

1. Friends, the days have been real real gloomy and gray lately. The sun came out one morning and I cracked open every shade in the office. I think my little plant buddy enjoyed it as well. Sunshine does wonders for the heart and soul.

2. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how much I really want you. This year we are practicing minimalism when it comes to Christmas decorations but every time I see a way too big and gorgeous pine tree I want it as my own.

3. Two weddings in one week sure is a lot of celebrating. The King's are now united in pure bliss and off enjoying the honeymoon life in Florida. Three best friends, all in one another's weddings, within seven months is my favorite. 

4. Welcome to NW Iowa sister Leah! This town will be sprinkled with an abundant amount of creativity these next few days and I am truly enjoying bonding time. We have coffee dates, photo shoots, game nights, and sleeping in dates all set up and ready to go #christmasbreak.

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