A Makeup Free Life

You should be jealous of my morning routine, many people are, and I will humbly use this as a bragging point. No hair, no makeup, and a wardrobe of clothes that are go to and I absolutely love makes for pretty simple mornings.

It has not always been this way. Growing up without hair through my teenage years swung me far on the pendulum of trying to compensate. Atoning for my perceived lack of beauty with heavy eyeliner, tattoo eyebrows, and thick foundation was my everyday norm. But alas, a new Laura was born after years of confidence building and defining what beauty is and is not. A new Laura that decided to live a makeup free life.

In 2014 I would venture to guess I wore makeup five to ten days total, primarily on the occasion of weddings or when I needed my most professional work look. And even on these rare times it was a smidgen of eye liner, a faint dusting of blush, and some neutral lip color. Makeup within moderation accentuates natural beauty, I believe, but for me it is not a part of everyday life.

I choose to see my freckles as a unique trait rather than pesky marks I used to try and hide. I choose to smile fuller because of my dimples rather than hate them like I used to. I choose to believe my eyelash-less eyes are beautiful and not tired looking like I used to tell myself.  And lastly, I choose to live a makeup free life because I desire to live in a world in which all women and girls will be viewed as naturally beautiful no matter what makeup we have on our faces or how we wear our clothes.

Waking up twenty minutes before work is a huge plus for me, I won't lie. I choose to go without makeup not for the extra sleep but because I am who I am and I love the freckled, dimple smiling, eyelash-less face that sits before you. Sisters, you are naturally beautiful, love who you are.

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