Antiqued Coffee Table Renovation

I have an idealistic craft brain. I love to create and try to make something awesome out of something half as great. I also work full time, have a lot of other passions, and let projects sit for a long while. That being said, say hello to our ultra-ugly, strangely hinged coffee table. If you are taking a close look you may ponder why the sides of the table swing upwards. This is a valid question, we have been wondering the same thing for months, but figured a $5 thrift store find was not worth passing up.

It came to us in the most creamy of cream paint colors, dinged up, and unpleasing to the eye. I spared you the close up photo. I contemplated how to creatively change things up with this table and make it work for the style of decor in our apartment. After months of staring and wondering, Jacob's parents taught us a sweet way of antiquing furniture and thought the timing was too good to be true. This tutorial should work for most wood projects so get busy on those projects you have put off for too long.

What You Need:
A Wood Surface to Renovate (Table, chairs, bench, cabinet, etc)
Rubber Gloves
Foam Brushes

How To: 
1. Lay out heavy plastic or newspaper on the ground to prevent stain and paint from dripping.
2. Lightly sand chips or dents out of the wood to allow the paint to go on smoothly.
3. If the wood has a varnish finish, prime or sand it off. If it previously had latex paint applied, you can skip this step.
4. Use a brush to paint the nooks and crannies of the wood and apply several coats.
5. Wait a few days for the paint to dry.
6. Paint on stain with a foam brush and wait at least ten minutes.
7. After waiting, use a cloth or heavy paper towel to wipe off stain. Leave some streaking and allow some of the stain to remain in the corners and nicks to add character.
8. Depending on the project, you may want to do this staining technique several times.
9. Allow a few days for the stain to dry and set.
 What is your favorite way to renovate wood?
Let me know if you give this a try, I'd love to see the finished product.