Practical Tips for Encouraging Bloggers

If you have stuck around this space for awhile, you know how important community is to my life. It is this vague yet practically beautiful idea that centers around people loving one another vulnerably and deeply. It is more than having a friend over for dinner or saying hello to those next to you in the church pews during Sunday greeting time - although nobody will argue these gestures are always welcomed. Community at its best is intentional and seeks to serve.

Now let's have a chit chat about the blogging community. Blogging is this dynamic and multifaceted platform that allows writers, dreamers, creatives, and everyday women (and men) the opportunity to expose their talent to a greater audience. It takes a significant investment of time, effort, and sometimes money to grow and succeed. Because of this, we are passionate, proud, and extremely dedicated to our own personal blogs.

In the genuine desire to pour into our personal ideas and dreams, I am afraid we too quickly lose sight of the community that is right in front of us in blog world. Admittedly, I sometimes want to see my images, tweets, and instagrams repinned, retweeted, and hearted more than I care about promoting others. I immediately respond to emails regarding awesome advertising opportunities and wait till tomorrow to reply to questions, ideas, or connections from bloggers.

These are ugly parts of me that I am not pumped about sharing with the world. I do so however, in hopes that we can grow together as women who encourage each other deeply and seek out a community in the most genuine of forms. Being online is not an excuse to care less or give less in friendships, if anything it allows us the opportunity to share life together in a unique way and create more positive spaces of influence on the internet.

Seek to Serve
The word serve has been engraved on my heart lately and it is an attitude we need to adopt in the blogging world. If every interaction was met with an honest desire to serve another, our community would be blooming. Serve those who ask questions, serve those who criticize, serve those who are your biggest supporters.

Genuine Promotion
The world is saturated with cheap promotion. Just the other night we were watching a television show and laughing at how obvious the promotional ad was implanted into the script resulting in tacky advertising. Let's make a commitment to not be that way and rather promote businesses, bloggers, and brands we truly love and support.

Praying for Others
Praying for others can go without explanation as to the power of thinking and lifting up those in our blogging community. Commit the words, dreams, and hearts of those in this community to prayer - that we may love one another well and reach out in times of need.

Affirm, affirm, affirm. Not every compliment, favorite post, or encouraging word needs to appear on social media or online. Take the time to affirm the bloggers around you through a text, phone call, or personal card. Express your gratitude and encouragement to them in a meaningful and significant way.

What tips do you have for encouraging bloggers?
Share a meaningful moment of a blogger investing in you.

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