Starting the Year New

Happy January 2nd! If you have made big resolutions, congratulations, you have graced into day two successfully. I myself am not a huge New Year's resolution maker as I prefer smaller bite-sized goals. We all grow and improve in our unique ways though which makes us unique.

There is something exhilarating about the thought of a new start and I love the positive vibes swirling around. Creativity is in the air, motivation is your best friend, and dreams are tangible. While you are excited and in a New Year spirit, have a look at some of my favorite ways to start the year new.

Fitness // Barre3
Is health and fitness something you are striving for this year? Ditch the gym and try Barre3 where ballet meets yoga and pilates. If you want to make exercise a natural part of your day and stay toned while doing so this is your new pal.

Adventure // Huckberry
If adventure is your middle name then you belong in the Huckberry family. Not only do they offer the neatest adventure products from around the world, but each has a unique story and design behind it. And here's $10 off your first purchase. I feel like your little adventure elf - you're welcome!

Memories // Shutterfly
Recording everyday moments from year to year is an important part of celebrating and remembering for me. Shutterfly photo books are the perfect way to document all that was in 2014. Their simple layouts and continuous deals make it easy and affordable. It can become a tradition to look back at the end of each year at the books and memories - your 2016 self will thank you.

Wardrobe // ThredUp
Who doesn't love an updated wardrobe for the New Year? If you are looking for a whole closet renovation or simply to add a few staple pieces, ThredUp is for you. This is my favorite place for high quality, affordable, name brand pieces and here is another $10 off your first purchase.

Progress // make29
Goals and resolutions are hard, let's be real. They take a day to day effort and what's most important is a keep going attitude. I love Elise's make29 product of the month on goal setting. Big things happen one day at a time.

What are your favorite ways to start the year new?
What brands help you stay on track with goals and resolutions?

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