The Tough Part of Being Bald

Most of the language I use regarding Alopecia and the reason I am bald is positive and affirming. This condition has brought me to a beautiful place of acceptance and better understanding of myself and others over the years. Most days being bald goes unnoticed by me and loved ones, but there are moments when the lack of hair on my head is hard.

It has been over twelve years since I originally lost my hair. That number seems distant and far away as so much has changed and adapted since the sixth grade. Running track and cross country, graduating high school, investing in an intentional Christian community, graduating from a bachelor's program in three years, starting a career, marrying the love of my life - all of these pivotal moments with memories in between makes twelve years ago seem like an eternity away.

But then there are moments that are raw and bring me right back to finding large chunks of hair falling out as I brushed my hair. There are times in which I am reminded of the complete vulnerability and transparency I was immediately thrown into when a full head of hair was lost in two short months. There are conversations when I would rather not explain or justify why I look the way I do.

It is tough to remember that bald is beautiful when you would rather try the latest Pinterest hairdo or get your hair done up all pretty for the third wedding in a row you are a bridesmaid in. It is heartbreaking to wonder if my future children may have Alopecia and struggle through what I did for years. It is a challenge to automatically lose credibility from some people because my look is not professional enough for their standards.

As these tough moments surface from time to time, among the joy that comes from being bald, I am reminded of the importance of journeys. Even among beautiful and redeeming parts of this world there is brokenness and pain. Our journeys, no matter what defining moments are included, expose chances for both celebration and growth - that is worth embracing.

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