Week's End Wrap-Up

Are we Instagram friends? If not, we should be. 
1. Happy New Year from the Gilleland's! We spent our eve inside, cuddling, processing life, and resting. It was the opposite of what I normally enjoy but much needed to reconnect and be present for 2015. We (mostly me) enjoyed watching One Direction and Taylor Swift on the New Year's Eve TV specials and we ordered in pizza.

2. My week off was the perfect time to get some things done around the house, including a secret DIY project. Any guesses? This grayish blue color is a new fave of mine - a perfect combination of simple and calm. If you haven't noticed by now, I am a fan of the cool colors.

3. Friends, I am undergoing somewhat significant health problems. At this time it is not something internet or blog worthy but I would covet your prayers for peace of mind and emotional and physical healing. You are wonderful, thank you friends. 

4. And of course another photo of our local coffee shop trips. Frigid Saturday mornings spent at The Old Factory, steeping Snow Queen tea and sipping on a cold press may just be considered our favorite dates. Coming soon they are hosting this awesome, raw event. Please watch the trailer you will bust a laugh.

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