Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. The blizzard I've been waiting for finally struck. I am not to fond of the subzero temperatures that immediately followed but at least it is pretty outside and sprinkled with delicate snow. I have shared it before and I will share it again, my office view is hands down the best.

2. And in case you didn't believe me about loving the snow outside or how much we got this week, here is some proof! What is your favorite snowy weather activity?

3. Christmas presents this year completely bombed between Jacob and I. We each had well thought out plans of what to get one other, but through a series of different events they failed. Maybe it is a first year of marriage thing. Instead we decided to buy a record player as a combined gift plus finding 75 cent records from the local thrift store is exhilarating.

4. Sabbath keeps us focused and rested. Sundays around the Gilleland house are usually pretty chill and filled with fellowship with God, each other, and our community. We have been reminded lately, however, that Sabbath is so much more than one day. It is important for us to find Sabbath moments within our everyday and create spaces for worship and rest among busy schedules.

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Share some moments of your own from this week, below.
What plans do you have for the week ahead?