Week's End Wrap Up

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1. Monday mornings are for hot chocolate. You may say coffee but this girl loves some warm and cozy non-coffee drinks. When I am sad about it being winter and so cold I remember my dislike for warm drinks in the summer and take advantage of the current season.

2. Creativity is a friend of mine and something worth celebrating daily. We quickly get stuck in a rut of comparison, especially via social media. This week I decided to celebrate those I admire and look up to. They capture day to day life that is real and authentic. Hooray for them!

3. Work field trips for the win, especially when they involve adventuring to a new-to-me fabric store that is hugely overwhelming! Our event photo booth is now up and running and fun times are to be had #nwcred101. 

4. Our weekends have been so chill lately and that is exactly what I need. This Saturday we enjoyed a three hour brunch with out of town friends, took afternoon naps when our bellies were full, and cozied in to our favorite coffee shop in the eve. I used to live an overly full and extremely planned out life. I am so thankful for a slow and steady husband who has taught me the importance of rest and rejuvenation.

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What's happening in your life as of lately?
What does a chill weekend look like for you?