When Perfectionism Hinders Creativity

Creativity is a glorious thing. It makes the blogging world go round and each individual has special talents to share. How about we take a moment to celebrate that we own original ideas and really, truly creative minds? I need this reminder when perfection seeps into my life.

It is usually after a nine hour workday, reading blog posts of my everyday favorites, and resting a go, go, go mind that I attempt to dream, create, and write for According to Laura Jean. I come to the table weary and not feeling good enough before I even type a word. Meanwhile my perfectionism enters stage left while every ounce of creativity simultaneously exits stage right. 

From a young age I have been trapped in a perfectionist's daydream. Thoughts of how could I do something better, why a post I was truly proud of didn't take off, and what topics would be new and captivating swirl around my mind more than I care to admit. They are not bad questions, in fact they push growth and innovation. But in a perfectionist's world these thoughts are erosive and hinder creativity. 

Perfectionist or not, I think we all fall into this trap sometimes. We turn away from a great idea because we feel it cannot be executed in an excellent way. We say no to leadership opportunities because we think we won't measure up. We distance ourselves from Jesus because our transgressions seem far from his pure and holy perfection. Within blogging, community, and faith we are hindered by perfectionism from experiencing grace-filled, creative lives. 

We are creative beings, called to share our gifts with others. When perfectionism holds us back, we are limiting our potential and capability to serve and share. Easier said than done, right? As I have navigated these waters over the years, here is what helps me concentrate on creativity over perfection:

Give Yourself Grace
Some days are just not my days, in fact an elephant could likely come up with something more creative than I could. Give yourself the freedom and grace to say no, take a break, or try something different. There are no rules to creativity. Even though we like to think our blogs, Etsy shops, or projects are the center of the online universe, I guarantee few people will notice if a post is not promoted on social media or you don't do XYZ.

Brainstorming Session
Set aside everything comparison driven (social media sites, ahem ahem) and confine yourself to a small, intimate space with a pen and paper. List out anything and everything you can think of and dream up a storm. Half the items probably will not develop and guess what? That is okay! Give yourself intentional room to be creative. 

Change Things Up
Ruts are annoying spaces and getting stuck in them is is especially draining of creativity. When you find yourself here do not be afraid to change things up. What have you always wanted to do and never actually done? Ready, set, go! 

What holds you back from creativity?
How do you minimize perfectionist thoughts?

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