10 Instagrams for Bloggers to Follow

It is no secret around here that I am an Instagram lover. This highly praised social media tool allows friends and followers from around the world to collaborate, inspire, and connect to a greater community through the power of photos. That is my kind of app! Because I am a believer in authentic growth, creativity, and support I want to share my top ten favorite instagrammers to follow. I hope you will be inspired as much as I have been to think outside the box, literally, and stretch yourself photo-taking self to new limits.

Elise Blaha Cripe @elisejoy
Elise's makes projects out of anything and everything. I am continually impressed by how resourceful and creative she is in both her personal and business life. Her Instagram feed is compelling and authentic.

Elise + Emma A Beautiful Mess @abeautifulmessofficial
If you're not A Beautifull Mess follower, you are truly missing out. Their blog offers the best of the best in how tos and DIYs and their Instagram is a walking rainbow of inspiration. They have some of the best hashtag challenges and connect with their followers well.
Megan Gilger @fresh_exchange
Megan has the best styled photos, hands down. It is evident the time and thought she puts into details and I appreciate the little things in each of her photos.

Elizabeth Mayberry @oakandoats
One of my favorite blogging friends had to make the top the list with her authentic Colorado living, love for the outdoors, and humble heart. You will love following along with Beth's adventures.

Kristen Michelle @borchaca2
Kristen is not a blogger, although we should all convince her to be one, but a dear friend of mine. Her photos are some of my absolute favorite. She has a creative eye that captures a contagious energy.

Nicole Neesby @nicoleneesby
Clean and simple draws my eyes in almost immediately with the cluttered and chaotic world we live in. Nicole has a gifted way of capturing the simple and everyday. And when her boys are this cute, how can you not follow along?
Jenny Highsmith // Maiedae @jennymaiedae
Jenny and Savannah make up the Maiedae team. Jenny's handlettering is to long for and I envy her design style. You will come to love these two creative spirits.

Savannah Wallace // Maiedae @savannahmaiedae
Savannah makes up the other half of the Maiedae team. She draws in followers with distinct captured moments and a bright personality that is reflected through her photos.

Jess Connolly @jessaconnolly
Jess is quite possibly the biggest encouragement in the Instagram world. Her photos tell stories of life and the pursuit of Christ in a broken world. I love that not every photo is highly edited, highly processed. She portrays real life in a beautiful way.

Laura Jean @accordingtolaurajean
This is not to toot my own horn, because I am far from where I would like to be with my photos and Instagram, but let's be friends. If you cannot tell, this community is my favorite and I would love to be inspired together. Follow along!

Now take my word for it and explore these gems on Instagram!
Who are your faves in the Instagram community?

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