15 Things to Learn in 2015

2015 has hit the ground running and here we find ourselves on February 5th already. I don't know about you, but that takes a minute or two for me to digest. Before too much more of the year sneaks by us, I wanted to share with you some hopes I have for learning in 2015. I consider myself a lifelong learner - someone who enjoys the academic world and has a desire to know more.

College was the perfect environment for me to think deeply, read thought provoking material, and process different aspects of life with peers in a safe community. My mind thrived thrived in this environment. Then college came to an end and the real world hit me with a ton of bricks. Suddenly a new career, wedding planning, trying to make friends, cooking for yourself, and by golly getting yourself in bed at a decent time takes precedence.

I have a desire for 2015 to be different. To be a healthier me, learning, experiencing, and processing needs to have a place back in my life. Follow along on the day to day journey with the hashtag #lauralearns and share with me what you would like to learn in 2015!

1. Try my hand at gardening
2. Learn how to sew a quilt
3. Read 15 books
4. Learn how to bake good bread from scratch
5. Go to 3 museums
6. Learn yoga or pilates
7. Take a class in the community
8. Learn how to can
9. Listen to 30 podcasts 
10. Learn how to shoot in Raw
11. Learn a new game 
12. Learn to be more generous
13. Take a blogging class
14. Learn how to make candles
15. Learn more about myself

What is on your list to learn in 2015?
How do you keep yourself motivated to learn?

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